JBranding executes marketing and new business development strategy in an entrepreneurial aggressive way that is 100% results focused. We combine the duties of a marketing & promotions department, brand management team, and creative execution in a plug in play nature that is both time effective and cost efficient. We also have a track record in business development, new client generation, and international IP acquisitions. So to say JBranding is a one stop shop... is an understatement.

JBranding Provides:
Outsourced Marketing Management
- Outsource your Marketing and Promotions for a measurable jump in results!
Superior Japanese/English Translations
- The best in mass & entertainment Translation & Localization!
Strategic Business Development Solutions
- Boost Revenue & Solve Sales Challenges!

Since JBranding’s origins are rooted in Professional Development and Business Communications, we also offer Career Branding, Lifestyle Coaching and workshops to motivate your team and propel your career and financial goals.
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Success and results oriented; JBranding is an agency built from the ground up with the client in mind.

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